Keynotes 2.0: AIIM

Being too lazy to type in the details of every speaker, I’ll link to the conference Keynotes and General Sessions page. It’s time for us to hear about the state of the industry from a couple of guys from AIIM.

They started off with a hokey sketch about the stereotypical differences between generations. Apparently, as far as E2 goes, age matters hardly at all. Organizational culture matters much more. KM inclination is positively associated with E2 adoption. It is also associated with the strategic, rather than ad-hoc, pursuit of E2.

There are some interesting contrasts with Google guy’s points. When I came in, and before I started writing, he was arguing that the consumer market is more Darwinian than the enterprise market, since there are no management and IT staff layers between the vendor and the user. I wonder if “strategic” means that these layers are present, while “ad-hoc” adoption within the enterprise means that these layers are absent.

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