Sponsorship in Web 2.0

There’s an interesting series of guest posts about monetization of web sites over at Mashable. The guest blogger is self-proclaimed “cranky old fart” Steve Hodson. Today’s post is about the “dark horse” of sponsorship.

It is from Steve’s post that I grabbed the AdSense skull graphic. If you get the idea that he doesn’t like AdSense, you’d be right. But his own blog does carry AdSense ads. The only reason I have stuck with them is because even thought the pay-outs are few and far between there is at least a little bit of income coming in.

In case you’re curious, Steve is interested in talking with sponsors. So am I, and my rates are far more reasonable! Mashable, like some of the other big tech blogs, already has sponsorship.

You might see AdSense at this blog, because, as I explained in a previous post, it’s one of the ways in which WordPress.com makes money. If you do see AdSense, please send me a screenshot including both the ads and the skull.

Anyway, my main purposes in posting were to show you the skull, and to recommend Steve’s posts at Mashable. I’ve now done both.

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