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The email I received earlier today said, “We’re excited to let you know you’ve been selected for the Dropbox Beta. Thanks for your patience (it’s been a long wait!)” It has been a long enough wait that I’d forgotten about Dropbox. It turns out that its the online storage and sharing service that got a lot of favorable coverage (e.g., at GigaOm) in April.

So I signed up, found that I have 10 beta invites to give out, and started looking at what Dropbox has to offer. If you want one of those invites, leave a comment here.

Since I thinking of starting a podcast series, I wondered it it was possible to share streaming MP3s via Dropbox. A search of the forum told me that the feature had been 2-3 months away 2 months ago; I just asked how far away it is now. I meant no offense to the Dropbox guys in asking that. Whatever the answer, Dropbox looks cool and useful to me.

19 thoughts on “Dropbox Beta”

  1. Thanks for this post. I’ve also been waiting for Dropbox, though for not as long. Would you be good enough to send me an invite? Thanks!

  2. Hi,

    Would really appreciate
    an invite code for DropBox (if you have any left!).
    *** Thanks! ***
    San Francisco

  3. All invites have gone. Sorry to the couple of people who commented above, but were not among the first 10 to do so. Sorry also to anyone who drops by after this.

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