Last Week's Not Feed Reading

When I got back on the web after a week pretty much away from it, I had a little fewer than a thousand unread items in my feed reader. I like to think that shows that my appetite for feeds is healthy, but that it stops short of gluttony.

I looked back over those items, read probably a couple of dozen, and then marked the rest read. I categorize those ~900 as follows:

  • Those I will go back and read. For example, I’ll visit Drawn!, being especially careful not to miss the post about the Totoro Forest Project.
  • Those I’m very slightly regretful about having missed. This accounts for probably 600 or 700 of the 900.
  • Those I’m relieved to have missed. Top, or bottom, of this list are the posts about Microsoft’s latest play for Yahoo. I probably shouldn’t admit it, but I’m also glad to have missed the iPhone 2.0 launch/hype/fiasco. There will be no shortage of posts about MicroHoo, iPhone, gPhone, etc., this week.

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