Cuil Goes Dark, Hits Back

July 28, 2008

The big web story of the day is the launch of Cuil, the search engine with the black background and the ex-Google founders. There are already two strikes against it:

  1. The service went down shortly after going up. That’s not as serious as it might sound: many heavy hitters take a strike. Or, as kindly old Uncle Mikey TechCrunch put it, flatlining right after your launch is more of a rite of passage than an embarrassment.
  2. Cuil is coming to bat on Google’s field. Or, as Mashable Stan put it, the entire web bends to Google’s will because every web site wants to be positioned well on Google.

Then I threw Cuil the Changing Way pitch. It got a hit, as you can see. I’ll see how it does in the second inning and beyond…

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