Bug Sculptures

This is one of several bug sculptures made from found objects and without adhesives. Artist Chris Goodwin describes them as follows: they are extremely fragile. Some of them are also quite dangerous to handle casually. I like to think of them as high maintenance, exotic pets. I found them via Drawn!

Those of us in the Boston area can find rather larger and safer bug sculptures in the Garden in the Woods, home of the New England Wild Flower Society. The Big Bugs are there until October 31. We saw visited them when they were there a few years ago, and are looking forward to meeting them again.

One thought on “Bug Sculptures”

  1. The 13 BIG BUGS are beautifully sited on the 45 acre Garden in the Woods. Several weigh close to 1000 pounds. One is 20 feet long. Very educational, very interesting for the entire family. Bugmobiles with craft projects and hands-on bugs add to the weekends. Bug Activity Bags with binoculars, filed guide, magnifying glass, and more make a kid’s visit even better. Check one out for free from the Museum Store. Submit digital images to bigbugsart@newenglandwild.org to be put on the website’s Community Art Gallery.

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