Not at WordCamp

I’m not at WordCamp in San Francisco, but Andrew Mager is, and he’s liveblogging the one-day event like there’s no tomorrow. Henry Work concentrates on Matt’s State of the Word address. To summarize 2008 so far: impressive growth.

To summarize 2009: easier upgrades are the focus. I’m glad to hear that. Being easy to install in the first place is all very well, but upgrades are often trickier than installations.

So I was in Boston today (and lunch was dim sum rather than bbq). I look forward to a day when I can be in Boston and at a WordCamp.

One thought on “Not at WordCamp”

  1. Andrew –

    I am looking for a WordCamp in Boston as well. In fact, your post was one of the first in Google when I typed “WordCamp Boston”.

    Please let me know if you come across any intentions to hold the camp in BOS.


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