Mamma Mia!

I just went to see Mamma Mia!! Yes, I did mean to use two exclamation marks, the first of which is part of the movie title/link. A few observations:

  • I doubt that I will ever recover. Clarification, added later: the movie is as dreadful as I expected without being quite as bad as I feared.
  • I only actually saw the first hour, after which my daughter pronounced herself bored.
  • It includes a rather likable performance from Meryl Streep. This is worthy of note because she usually seems to me to be acting very hard, and in a way that distracts from the character she is trying to portray.
  • The star of the movie, Amanda Seyfried, grew up about an hour from where we’re spending the weekend (she in Allentown, PA, we in Blue Bell).
  • Update: I forgot to add, since it seems so obvious, that the movie is dreadful.

2 thoughts on “Mamma Mia!”

  1. Come on Andrew…You had to love the contrast between Pierce B’s James Bond and this character…it was absolutely hilarious to hear the whole audience moan when he started singing. It was a fun movie. You missed the best scene…the very end when the three guys all dressed up and danced. Your post made me giggle…thank you!

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