Threadless Sale Extended

The Threadless sale has got even better since I posted about it a week ago. It has been extended through September 7th. And over 100 shirt designs are now only $9.

On the other hand, the sale has got worse. There are a lot of “Sold out” signs against design/size combos. In particular, the $9 shirts seem to be those available in only a few sizes. For example, “Defend the Kingdom” is available only in kid sizes now.

2 thoughts on “Threadless Sale Extended”

  1. I ordered my first batch of Threadless shirts EVER last week, and they came today! Love it all – except I could have ordered one size down instead of up…

    I concur on the shirts that are $9 are only available in a few sizes, which is kind of disappointing. Several shirts that I really wanted were either sold out completely (except for XXL or XS), or I had to be creative and order a guy’s XS. I almost went with a children’s size for “Pandamonium”, but resisted at the last moment.

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