Totoro Project Auction

Online bidding has just opened on an incredible selection of art, each piece donated to help a good cause, said cause in turn being linked with a classic movie. I refer, as Matt at Drawn already has, to the Totoro Forest Project auction.

The project blog is worth following in its own right. As the time of this typing, the blog shows “Ursalo” by Scott Morse. As a bonus link, here’s Scott’s post about the project at his own blog. I hadn’t heard of Scott before this project, and am happy to have discovered his work.

I was already familiar with some of the dozens of artists who have generously contributed work: Catia Chien, for example.

The book associated with the project will be available in about a week. I haven’t seen a price yet. I’m sure it will make a great holiday present for many people (all right, then, for me).

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