Vertical Search For T-Shirts

Searching for good t-shirts? Well, then, how about a search engine just for t-shirts? It didn’t previously occur to me as a good domain for a vertical search engine, but when I read about PleaseDressMe/ (via TechCrunch) I thought it was a great idea.

But what about the execution? My rigorous testing of PleaseDressMe to date consists of searching for shirts relevant to “sasquatch.” The site showed me just one, “Sasquatch In Disguise,” at Threadless. The search results page gave me a price of $17, even though it’s been on sale for $12 for a week now.

The search results didn’t include a rather cool Sasquatch shirt I remember seeing elsewhere a year or too back. Googling for “sasquatch tshirt” yielded many shirts, but not the one I remembered.

I still regard PleaseDressMe as a good, maybe even great idea, and look forward to its improved implementation.

By the way, this post is a rather gentle drift back toward the social media side of Changing Way, after a couple of months of light posting: light in terms of volume of posts, and in terms of the proportion of posts categorized as Fun and not as Web or Business.

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