Complements of the OmniGoogle

Nick Carr gives an excellent explanation of Google’s ever-broadening range of activities.

The way Google makes money is straightforward: It brokers and publishes advertisements through digital media…

For Google, literally everything that happens on the Internet is a complement to its main business. The more things that people and companies do online, the more ads they see and the more money Google makes. In addition, as Internet activity increases, Google collects more data on consumers’ needs and behavior and can tailor its ads more precisely, strengthening its competitive advantage and further increasing its income. As more and more products and services are delivered digitally over computer networks — entertainment, news, software programs, financial transactions — Google’s range of complements expands into ever more industry sectors. That’s why cute little Google has morphed into The Omnigoogle.

Chris Anderson quotes rather more extensively than I have, but still recommends that you read Nick’s whole post. I’d go further and recommend the comments as well.

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