WordPress.com Admin Interface

The newest change to the WordPress.com blog admin interface makes it easier to make a post sticky. Here’s how Heather explains it. Regular updates are what blogging’s all about, but sometimes you want to keep hot topics or other static info at the top of your posts… In the publishing options for each post you’ll now see “Stick this post on the front page.” I know that some of the many who blog at WordPress.com want the sticky feature.

On the other hand, I’m sure that most of us will never use it. So what it is doing in a prominent, above the fold location? We still have to scroll down to categorize and tag our posts. We have to scroll past options, such as “sticky,” that we’ll use rarely, if at all.

I hope that admin interface customization will come to WordPress.com soon. I am familiar with the argument that if you want to customize WordPress, you should find a host other than WordPress.com. But I feel that I shouldn’t have to scroll down on the post page to get to features I always use, while precious screen real estate is given up to features I’ll never use.

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