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Scottish band Frightened Rabbit still have my favorite album of 2008 with The Midnight Organ Fight. I emphasized just how good it is in a previous post. Here’s “Poke,” my current favorite track from the album, albeit not the album version.

It’s from the band’s recent Daytrotter session, which I found via Heather Browne. Heather uses a line from “Poke” as her post title: it’s got lots to do with magnets and the pull of the moon. That line might have been a better title for the album. Actually I’d have gone for another line from the same song: I never hated you.

But Frightened Rabbit don’t consult me about album titles, which is why their forthcoming album will be called Liver! Lung! FR!. It’s a live album, and it was previewed at Pitchfork earlier this month. The preview includes a stream of “Old Old Fashioned,” one of the more upbeat FR songs.

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  1. I’ve got a wee video posted from the said acoustic gig on my blog, If you want to check it out. I recorded the whole thing but i left my charger there and until i get it back this was all i could upload before the camera died 🙁

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