MySpace Music: Confusing

I was looking forward to MySpace Music, and I’ve visited it a few times in the few days since its launch. My main reaction is one of confusion. For example, I created a couple of playlists, one of which is my “Profile Playlist.” While I was creating it, songs seemed to disappear from it, so I added them again, went back to the list, and found them there twice.

I assumed that my Profile Playlist would appear on my MySpace Profile. It didn’t. I looked among the Edit Profile options, to no avail. Then I found that it was a checkbox on the Profile Playlist itself. I checked the box. The Profile Playlist still doesn’t appear on my profile.

That’s a great pity, since MySpace is so strong in terms of artist pages. But on the basis of my recent trial, there are several music sites I prefer to MySpace Music. Hey, I’ll even keep on paying to stream music using Rhapsody.

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