Chrome Lost Its Shine?

Google’s Chrome browser launched a month ago: Svetlana (Profy) posted on the one-month anniversary, and Om followed up.

Svetlana presents numbers showing a falloff in Chrome use after the impressive early adoption rate. My own use reflects this: Chrome was my main browser for the week or two after its release, then I went back to Firefox. I fired up Chrome to write this post, though.

Her explanation reminded me of my own first impressions of Chrome: “Chrome is a rare Google product where “beta” actually means work in progress” is “this is an early beta, and hence a real beta” one month on.

I expect Chrome to gain shine, and regain share, as more months elapse.

2 thoughts on “Chrome Lost Its Shine?”

  1. Andrew, I agree with you 100% here – Google will hardly forget about its attempt to build a browser and when Google ventures into some field, it is usually to build the best product in class. It’s just Google has realized the product is really not ready for large-scale promotion but we will sure see new attempts once they believe it is ready again.

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