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The previous post provides an example of a Grooveshark music widget on this blog. It also notes that Clearspring’s widget platform is involved. How do I know that? Because the code generated by Grooveshark for includes the shortcode: clearspring_widget.

The existence of the clearspring_widget shortcode was news to me. It might also be news to whoever maintains the FAQ: What are the WordPress shortcodes?

If you’re interested enough in to have read this far, you’ll probably agree with me that this is news of the big and good variety. You might even forgive me for pointing out that Automattic seem to have taken the advice I offered Automattic 11 months ago: Make a wide variety of widgets available. Partnering with a trusted “widget broker” might be the best way to do this.

Having said that, I can’t claim to be breaking this news, given a post two months ago by Justin of Clearspring: when you post an ad-free Clearspring widget to a blog it will now show the entire widget inside of a blog post. But I didn’t see Justin’s post until I went looking for it this evening.

I certainly didn’t see the Clearspring shortcode mentioned over at, and I can’t find any reference to it in the official blog, in the FAQ, or in the forums. Guess I’ll mention it in the forums myself now.

By the way, other interesting Clearspring reading includes: their White Paper: What’s a Widget and Why is it Important? and the Wikipedia entry on Clearspring (which is where I found the logo at the top of this post).

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  1. Hey, it’s Justin from Clearspring.

    Thanks so much for your blog post! Yes, we were very excited to launch the integration with hosted blogs.

    This gives our publishers the ability to have their widgets to be shared into the blogs of’s massive community base.

    I’d love to hear your thoughts or feedback. Feel free to e-mail me at any time. –


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