Theme Thoughts

I’ve been looking through WordPress themes recently to power a startup. Since I’m using self-hosted WordPress, rather than (which is where this blog is hosted), the number of available themes is well into four figures. As usual, I was looking for a clean theme. I had some additional criteria.

The main thing that struck me was the clumsiness of the search tools available. Of course, it might just be that I’m bad at searching for search tools. But at a time when semantic search is all the rage, it should be possible to express preferences and get a few good results amidst a domain of only a thousand or two entities.

Long story short, I ended up with Orange Techno from the German firm AOE media. AOE has made several themes available to the WordPress community under the GPL, and I like their “clean but with a personality” approach to theme design.

So, the theme for Wijard is a tweaked Orange Techno. And I’m still looking for an extremely clean, but not annoying, theme for the companion blog.

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