Snapily: More Fancy Than Snappy

It sounds interesting, especially compared with the competition. Today, the new printing service launched, and was described at TechCrunch by Jason Kincaid.

For all the startups making customizable stationary and business cards available on the web, we really haven’t seen much in terms of innovation: most sites have almost the same options and features, and there isn’t much you can do beyond what you can find in traditional print stores. Today that changes with the public launch of Snapily, an online store for user-customized paper goods that can add moving effects to 2D images.

Being particularly interested in business cards and similar printables at the moment, I clicked over to register. But registration requires, not just the reasonable stuff like email and password, but also a phone number and a billing address, with no “Why do we need this now, before you’ve even thought about placing an order” button to click. That smacks of disrespect for my time and privacy.

But there is a “Feedback” button. I’ll provide feedback, linking to this post, and see what happens. If I get a halfway-sensible response, I’ll go back and take another look at Snapily. I hope that that time to find that I can register more… snappily.

3 thoughts on “Snapily: More Fancy Than Snappy”

  1. Thanks for the post, Andrew. Actually, there is no need to register to the site at all unless you want to purchase something. All the site’s capabilities are open to all. Registration is required only in the very last step of the ordering process.

    Having said that, you might be right that we should take out the Registration link form the homepage.

  2. Duby,
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my (rather grumpy) post.
    I recommend that you keep the Registration link on the front page. But registration should require only an email (or username) and password. Once I’ve registered, I can start designing and saving stuff.
    If and when I order, I’ll provide my address, etc.

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