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a-design-and-usability-blog-signal-vs-noise-by-37signals_1227020438971So Jerry Yang is out as Yahoo CEO, and many sites have covered the news is various ways. I love the coverage on 37signals’ blog, because of the juxtaposition of the Yahoo/Yang news and the job board. And no, I haven’t checked to see if the Yahoo CEO position is on the 37s job board.

I won’t be applying. I hope that The Flickr Founders will. At the time Yahoo acquired Flickr, I wished that Flickr could take over Yahoo. I haven’t seen much since then to change my mind. Whether they would want the job is, of course, another matter.

ystockHere’s another Yahoo-related image. It shows that the stock opened sharply up this morning. That’s good news, since I bought some Yahoo stock a few days ago, on the basis that: things would either improve, or Yang would step down; and when Yang stepped down, the market would like the news.

Now, all we need is some news to take the stock back over the price at which I bought it. By the way, for those wishing to know my stock positions, in order to avoid them: I bought Google at the same time as I bought Yahoo, albeit for very different reasons.

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