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I’ve owned the domain widgetstrategist.com for a couple of minutes now. I should provide some content. Since it’s currently more of an umbrella for my widget-related services than a service in its own right, it doesn’t yet need its own site, and so it points to this very post.

There are currently four services under the Widget Strategist umbrella. Two are currently available, and the other two will be available soon (i.e. before the end of 2008).

  • Wijard combines widget and business card (hence wijard) so that people can present the same image and information on their web sites and from the cards they give out in the real world. You can order your own wijard now, and that seems like a good idea, given the current offer of free shipping on the cards.
  • Springrolled is a service allowing bloggers to use widgets not readily available at their blogs. The demand for this service is illustrated by the demand for the Library Thing widget at WordPress.com. Indeed, providing a WordPress.com-compatible version of that widget is likely to be the first offering available from Springrolled.
  • Widgets are still rather new to many readers and writers of the web. Introducing and explaining widgets is an important part of Widget Strategist and of every service under the umbrella. Explaining widgets is also under the umbrella as a service in its own right. If widgets are a part of your business, you could use help explaining widgets to your customers or other stakeholders, and you like what you see of my word at Springrolled* and elsewhere, consider engaging my services.
  • Finally, you will soon be able to engage my services on widget strategy for your organization. I will not push this service until I am satisfied with my portfolio of posts, widgets, and other work illustrating my qualification for it (but please feel free to contact me about this service in the meantime).

*Examples of widget-explaining at Springrolled include:

By the way, please also contact me if you have anything to say about the compulsion to buy domains. Is there a name for this condition? Treatment? I’m glad I own widgetstategist.com, but feel that it should be the last domain I buy… at least this year.

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