Oxite Doesn't Excite

Oxite is an open source, standards compliant, and highly extensible content management platform, Microsoft’s Jeff Sandquist posted yesterday. So is this Microsoft taking on Google/Blogger, Automattic/WordPress, Six Apart/Movable Typepad, Acquia/Drupal, and so on?

No it isn’t. Jeff and his colleagues “are hopeful that this lightweight sample allows folks to get rolling with ASP.NET MVC and understand the importance of web standards.” That’s worthy stuff, but it does make clear that Oxite isn’t an attempt to compete with Blogger, or with anything. Rather, it’s a sample application.

One thought on “Oxite Doesn't Excite”

  1. Dude have you even read the code? Your just a negative person and have no idea and should not be blogging comments like that. There is ALOT of good stuff in this application and I for one am happy with their reasons for releasing the code – so that REAL developers can learn more. And if it happens to gain traction there is no reason why US developers can make it better eg contributing Admin functionality etc.

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