Brightness Amidst the Snow

So Boston’s second snowstorm of the weekend was followed by a big freeze, then a night during which the snow was plowed into ice-rocks. So I was out there this morning, breaking then throwing aside said rocks, when a guy with a truck and a plow turned up and did much of the work for me. After doing that, he didn’t solicit any tip; he just waved and drove up the road to do the same for the next weary shoveler. Such snow-angelic acts help to brighten the winter.

The snow looks pretty good when you’re not out shoveling it. Of the pictures I’ve taken since the snow started, my favorite is the one I took from the (stationary) car on the way back from the Museum of Science this morning.

Another bright thing about today is the new tshirt from Threadless featuring that most tshirt-genic of animals, the giraffe. The Threadless holiday sale is due to end on Wednesday morning (or Christmas Eve morning, to use that rather strange expression). I think we are all t-shirted up here, but I am tempted by this one.

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