Blogging in 2008

As long as there has been blogging, there have been “in defense of blogging” posts. Pete Cashmore provided an example yesterday.

At Mashable, we happen to think blogs served a vital role in social media, news coverage and analysis in 2008. No, they didn’t break news the very second it occurred – like social media’s new love, Twitter – but blogs continued to provide deeper insights than those afforded by a 140 character text box; they provided more thought, more time to ponder, more depth, more breadth and substance.

I had various reactions to Pete’s post. (1) How similar to my own thoughts on blogging as compared with tweeting. (2) How insightful! (3) It sounds rather similar to comparisons of blogging with newspapers, except that now blogging is the medium that requires attention span. (4) So what was my best post of 2008?

The last of these arises from the title and main thrust of Pete’s post. I left a comment at Mashable nominating my post about making money from

Since this is my blog, I am not limited to listing the best post of 2008 on this blog. Brilliant posts, besides the aboved-linked, include:

I agree with Pete that blogging is good, and look forward to more goodness in 2009.

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