Haiku: 5/7/5 for 06/04/09

Red Sox season dawns
As sunset threatens the Globe
Boo Big Apple twice.

Here in Boston, it’s Red Sox opening day. Or at least it would be, had weather not caused the postponement of the (home) opener until tomorrow.

Another stream of local news focuses on the Globe, the newspaper in danger of closure. The direct source of the threat is the New York Times, owner of the Globe. Jay Fitzgerald (with the help of “ExGlobieInTheNickOfTime”) questioned NYT’s reasoning.

There has got to be something really wrong with 85 million dollars in annual losses … Either the number is crap, or if it’s close to true, it indicates the entire Globe business is crap, and what the heck has the NYT Co. been doing with the Globe for the last several years?

This via Universal Adam, who also provided a roundup of blogging about the prospect of a Globe closure.

Since I wrote the haiku, the Sox opener has been postponed until tomorrow. That seemed like a good idea when I heard about it this morning, and seems like an even better idea given the rainstorm I’ve just come in from.

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