Back in Boston

Wake Up the Earth is a festival that happens every year near Stony Brook T stop in Jamaica Plain. We went this year. We parked on Center Street, did a little shopping, watched the parade (which I think wends its way all the way down to Stony Brook), had lunch, then wended our own way to Stony Brook via a playground.

The photo shows some of the taller paraders. I also took photos of some musical paraders, including Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band. Lunch at Bukhara went very well, thanks to the buffet, the friendly staff, and the fact that our kids were pretty good. By that I mean that, considering they are 5 and 2, their eating to trouble ration was pleasingly high.

The festival itself was very crowded, but fun. The following day, my wife Judy had to go to a different Stony Brook (on Long Island, New York) for work. The kids and I met some friends at the Children’s Museum. It was not at all crowded, perhaps because of swine flu concerns. I imaged parents keeping their kids away from such public places, and taking them on a nice long “safe” drive in cars…

The big local news story concerns the Globe, but that deserves a post of its own…

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