The Snail in the Cloud

Little PO BoxesI’ve used this photo before, because I find the Post Office boxes rather lovely, in a vintage sort of way. Little did I suspect at the time that the photo might become relevant to cloud computing.

But (as I read at GigaOM), Amazon Web Services is now going postal, since snail mail is sometimes faster than the internet. “Werner Vogels, Amazon’s CTO, explains… that it would take up to 13 days to sling a terabyte of data across a 10 Mbps network… So Amazon is offering customers the chance to store their data on an external device, ship it via post, and Amazon will load it.”

3 thoughts on “The Snail in the Cloud”

  1. This post has attracted many comments from Russia. I wonder why this particular post.
    I marked all the comments up to now as spam. The previous comment, I using Babelfish translated. It means:
    “As always at the height!”
    I will let it stay, since it’s a rather charming phrase. Unless, of course, it means “You’re on drugs again.”

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