Jobs in DC, Indeed

job-competition-indeedIt’s looking more and more likely that we will be moving south so that my wife can take up a new job in Washington DC. I have mixed feelings about this.

It’s good news that Washington DC appears to be the best city in the USA in terms of job postings to unemployed people. My source is Indeed (via TechCrunch, where there are many comments pointing out ways in which the data may be misleading). Third on the list is nearby Baltimore. I have to like the data, and I like the graphic.

For those who are wondering about Boston, and why my feelings are mixed, I’ll add that Boston: is tenth on the Indeed list; and is positively balmy compared with DC. While the usually prolific Universal Adam can’t even finish his own post about how hot it is in Boston, it’s about 10 degrees hotter in DC. It’s almost a consolation that more thunderstorms are forecast for down there than for up here.

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  1. Wow – DC? Keep me posted. My brother lives in that area (works at the Senate, lives in Annandale) – if you have questions about it, I could put you in touch with him.

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