Stream of Keyboardness: UK

Has there ever been a better name for a political party than the Official Monster Raving Loony Party? Or a better name for a candidate than Screaming Lord Sutch?

Maybe the above is rather too British for most of my readers. But, dear readers, if you ever see a candidate named Loud Viscount Watson, it will probably be me. That is the only name under which I will ever run for political office.

I was reminded of the Loonies by Moody. Glyn of that ilk posted about the UK Pirate Party. Said pirates hold the radical notion that “when creative works are sold, it’s the artists who [should] benefit.”

3 thoughts on “Stream of Keyboardness: UK”

  1. The Ravings of a Monster Raving Loony : Election Countdown.
    By lordtobyjug
    A loony time had by all at this years party conference, all prospective official loony candidates and delegates were encouraged to spend as much as they could at the bar of The Raven Hotel, in Hook, Hampshire, and put it on their expenses ! We, the party faithful, are determined to field fifty candidates at the next general election, if we do, we will qualify for our first party political broadcast. It will be the only one people actually watch and don’t go and make a cup of tea !

    Tags: Put it On Your Expenses

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