Six Hours in the Rain in Line…

West Roxbury's Hottest Ticket?… in West Roxbury, no less. The Community Center was the place to be. It was due to open at 9, and I’m told the line started forming at 2:30. Now, the Center is pretty cool, with its own Facebook page and all, but what made people wait for over six hours in the rain?

It was enrollment for courses. I arrived at the official opening time of 9am, hoping to be able to get my kids into a swimming class. It was convieniently timed and very reasonably priced. Unfortunately, I wasn’t the only person who thought that. Someone I know emerged from the center just after I arrived: she’d arrived at 3:30, and hadn’t been first in line. She wanted to make sure her kids got into their swim classes, since there are only 5 kids per class.

At that point, I called back to base and we decided that it would be silly to wait in a long line, with a significant chance that the kids swim classes would be full by the time I got to the front of it. I went back at 11 to find the place almost empty, save for a few people and some signs showing which classes were full. Swim classes were at the top of the list.

There are many consoling thoughts. I didn’t spend the rainy night in line, or waste much time in line at all. There are other swim classes in the area. I like some of the photos I got, such as the one of the chairs of the determined (see above), the one of the wet spot on the wall that looks like a dog (see Flickr), and the one of the sign that told me I could have purchased a ticket in a “jump the line” raffle for $10 (not posted).

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  1. Ah, the joys of Roche line waiting (I used to try to get there by 7 …). Might be too late, but see if you can get on the waiting list. You never know (it worked a couple times for us, although for drama, not swimming).

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