Paper is Mobile Too

Just before we set off yesterday from Boston to Philadelphia, I asked me wife if we had directions. We’ve made the trip many times before, but we were using an itinerary we hadn’t used before. Route 95 from Boston all the way down to NYC worked well, as did the NY Botanical Garden as a leg-stretch and lunch stop.

Judy reminded me that we now have an Android phone with Sherpa, and so don’t need printed directions. Soon after we got onto the road and onto Sherpa, she was pulling out a dead tree roadmap. When I laughed, she said that while Sherpa was great, the small screen isn’t ideal for the big picture of a route. She’s right, and on the other side of the coin, Sherpa was great at getting us from the Garden back to 95.

I’m now making sure that I have Judy’s cell number, not only on the Android, but also in my notebook. Again with the dead trees: I’m not referring to a small, portable computer. In the same notebook are the details of the flight I have to meet at Dulles in a couple of days.

I’m too old, or perhaps even too wise, to rely too much on these new-fangled electronic gadgets. By the way, our first stop on the trip was at the Dedham (MA) Panera for breakfast. Almost all the power was out there…

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