End of Summer

Soaked and SquaredWhat marks the end of summer? Labor Day? That’s the day on which the US seems to switch off summer. The autumnal equinox? That has much to recommend it, including the loveliness of the term autumnal equinox.

But it seems to me that summer ended yesterday: Monday September 14, the day on which Maddie (and other Boston Public Schools kindergarten kids) started the new school year. That’s about halfway between 2009’s Labor Day and equinox.

We had a lot of fun this summer, much of it watery. Here are Maddie and Max enjoying the wet playground at the Soule Recreation Center. (The Soule is in Brookline, on Hammond Street, just south of route 9.)

And now, on with autumn, Boston’s best season. Yes, I do still call it autumn rather than fall, even after all these years in New England. Anyway, autumn 2009 will probably be our last season in Boston…

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