WordCamp Boston 2010

James of Boston WordPress Meetup is organizing a WordCamp, to be held in Boston early next year. WordPress is the software behind this and millions of other blogs; a WordCamp is a conference that focuses on everything WordPress.

Next year is the first year for decades that I won’t be based in Massachusetts, so I’ll probably miss WordCamp Boston. In past times, I might have muttered that I’d have to miss it because of my bad luck. But it’s just as true to say that I’ll miss WordCamp Boston because I didn’t organize one earlier, despite knowing that Boston is an excellent city for a WordCamp.

Perhaps I should try to get to Boston BLOGtoberfest, the 2009 edition of which is but a few weeks away.

Those interested in WordCamp Boston might want to take the poll on when it should happen. I was hoping for Sunday February 7, the day after Unity Games XVI, but: I note that something else is happening that day; and only Saturdays are on the poll.

Thanks to Patrick Havens for the photo of WordPress schwag. Patrick took the photo at WordCamp San Francisco 2008. He made it available under Creative Commons, which seems like a WordPressian thing to do. By the way: San Francisco is the most WordCamp’d city, with a score of 4; Chicago hosted a WordCamp earlier this year, without the support of Barack Obama; Brazil also hosted one earlier this year.

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