Dan Wilson, Now and Then

This about the musician Dan Wilson, not about the band Danny Wilson. I was reminded of Dan by a track of a party-favor mix CD. The track in question is “Willie the King,” which appears on the rather wonderful For The Kids album.

Dan is probably best known for his work with Semisonic. A little research showed that he makes extensive use of the web to promote his music (see his web site).

The track I’m posting here (until some legal genius asks me to stop promoting Dan’s music) is from Dan’s earlier band, Trip Shakespeare.

It’s “Snow Day,” from Across The Universe. That’s a great pop album, released in 1990 to disappointing sales – but recently back in print, or at least available via MP3 stores and streaming music services.

I was going to remark that it seems a little early in the year to be featuring a song about a snow day, but today is cold, cloudy, and downright wintry enough that snow wouldn’t surprise me.

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