Twitter: Clothes Without an Emperor

October 24, 2009

Even Twitter Thought Twitter Was Stupid At First, reported Jason Kincaid from Startup School. Well, if Ev Williams and Biz Stone thought that, I was in good company.

The Twitter story is a mirror image of the story of the The Emperor’s New Clothes. People find uses (clothes) for Twitter, but the clothes are just empty outfits. The outfits march on, and the march picks up the pace, when inside leg and other elements are revealed: those measurements correspond to the API (“Huge,” said Biz).

Now, of course, there are so many outfits that it doesn’t matter that there’s nothing underneath. The outfits are the emperor, and the empire is strongly placed.

5 Responses to “Twitter: Clothes Without an Emperor”

  1. twitrounds Says:

    A little confused about this post, don’t get the clothing relation with Twitter?

  2. Andrew Says:

    Thanks for the question, Eric.

    I see the clothing as the uses people have found for Twitter. Status updates are the jeans and t-shirt. Resumes are the business attire.

    Apps are… hmm… clothing stores? Tailoring patterns?

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