Droid? $1831. Having the latest gadgets? Priceful.

The Droid, the new smartphone from Motogoozon, will cost $1831. Motogoozon is of course the combination of Motorola, Google, and Verizon.

The cost would be $1931, were it not for a $100 rebate: what a relief that it’s so much lower than $2K.

1831 = (299 – 100) + 24 x (39 + 29). As usual with smartphones and other fancyphones in the USA, most of the cost is in the monthly payments, rather than upfront.

I could cite many sources for this, but I’ll go with John Biggs’ post on Crunchgear. There is much rejoicing in Crunchland about the Droid.

Personally, I’m happy to see the Droid hype. It increases the chances of an Android app boom. On the other hand, there are no guarantees that new and interesting Android advances will run on my G1.

4 thoughts on “Droid? $1831. Having the latest gadgets? Priceful.”

  1. As long as you’re being careful about details, we should consider that one is not required to pay the total $1831 up front. From the calculator at
    I figure that $1632 [24 x (39 + 29)] over 24 months at $68/month, assuming an interest rate of 1% is worth about $1615 right now. In other words, if you put $1615 in an account earning 1% interest and took out $68 per month to pay your bill, it would last 24 months. So you would need (299-100) + 1615 = $1814 today. So you can take the extra $17 and buy a nice case for your Droid?

  2. Thanks for the comment, Michael. You are right, $1831 isn’t a completely accurate reflection of the price of a Droid. But it is far more accurate than $199…

  3. So, what does the $68 per month get you?

    For example, is there a comparable AT&T or Sprint plan? I often see a comparo of apples to apples for AT&T versus Sprint, but that’s tough to do without the details on the Droid plans.

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