Music is the Best

Frank Zappa said it (“Music is the best”), Ian Rogers is fond of quoting it. Ian’s most recent post is about the release of an album by a band he’s co-managing. I’ll give two tastes of how Ian sees the business of music. First, a quote including an ordered list.

At Topspin we generally talk about three stages of development: 1. Creating awareness. 2. Making connections. 3. Monetizing.

Second, I noticed as I read the post that Ian gives frequent shout-outs to partner organizations and to individuals. There’s that connection thing again.

Topspin (Ian is CEO) worked with Fanfarlo on their launch. Fanfarlo just released a video of themselves covering of “In The Aeroplane Over The Sea.” It’s amazing. I first saw it thanks to Heather at Fuel for Friends. You can see it there or at the band’s blog. Or both: it’s well worth watching at least twice.

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