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If you’re reading this on a mobile phone, you won’t be seeing this blog’s Simpla Way theme. That’s because automatically uses a mobile theme when displaying blogs on a mobile device.

What about self-hosted WordPress? I went over to the theme directory, searched for mobile, and was shown just one theme: Carrington Mobile. The thing is, a mobile theme isn’t much good without code to select it when appropriate.

So the mobile hotspot for WordPress is plugins, not themes. Of the many plugins tagged with mobile, here are those relevant to mobile themes (with at least a thousand downloads).

  • WPtouch iPhone Theme (299,390 downloads) “transforms your WordPress blog into an iPhone application-style theme… when viewed from an iPhone, iPod touch, Android or BlackBerry touch mobile device.” This theme in plugin’s clothing is used (with modifications) by for such devices.
  • WordPress Mobile Edition (100,296) seems similar, and is used (with modifications) by for mobile devices other than those on the WPTouch list.
  • MobilePress (38,818) allows device- or browser-specific themes, and allows development of custom mobile themes.
  • WordPress Mobile Pack (18,108) includes a selection of mobile themes.
  • Wapple Architect Mobile (6,186) sounds interestingly different. “Other mobile plugins for WordPress use a default mobile style… Wapple… retains the styling of your site from web to mobile.”
  • MoFuse (4,074) allows creation of, and redirect to, a mobile version of the blog.
  • Mobilize by Mippin (3,425) is similar to MoFuse in that it involves a mobile version of the blog.

My most mobile-focused blog, Android Icon, currently uses WordPress Mobile Edition. I plan to use that blog for a grapple with Wapple, and maybe a try of some of the other plugins listed above, soon.

6 thoughts on “Mobile Themes For WordPress”

  1. Hi,
    Mobile theme is now a reality.

    Introducing IamMobiled Mobile Plugin for WordPress.

    Here are some key features:
    1) Comes with a mobile theme “Blue Heart”
    2) Automatic mobile detection
    3) Images are optimized for mobile view
    4) Make money through integrated ad system.
    5) Optimized for touch screen phones
    6) Mobile users can even leave comments
    7) Mobile users can search for contents.

    Please check it out and let me know your feedback and suggestions at
    Plugin can be found at:

  2. I just pushed out a new version of the Mobile Pack which now adapts for high/mid/low-level Nokia devices, as well as WebKit mobile browsers in general (iPhones, Android etc)

    I also agree that a non-mobile web site’s aesthetics should be preserved on the mobile variant, and the demonstration of how to retint the Mobile pack themes is the start of that.

    One day, I’ll be providing a tool that determines a suitable color palette for the mobile theme by looking at the CSS of the desktop theme… which might close that gap significantly.

    Anyway, stay tuned, and let me know how the Mobile Pack goes. (PS it does a lot more than just themes…)

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