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No, I’m not switching to the PrimePress theme for this blog, partly because PrimePress isn’t available at, mainly because I’m happy with Simpla and what I’ve done with it. But I have gone with PrimePress the last few times I’ve started a new blog.

The image is from the WordPress (.org) page for PrimePress. It’s large enough to show two of the things I like best about PrimePress. First, it’s clean and uncluttered.

Second, PrimePress has a custom header, but not one that hogs a lot of above the fold screen real estate. I like the images that come with the theme (PrimePress rotates header images), although I’ve replaced them for some blogs (e.g., Android Icon).

Then there are some things I don’t like, most of which I’ve addressed in order to use PrimePress at WanderNote (see, for example, my personal blog there). The one thing I really really don’t like is the way PrimePress uses a smaller font for links than for regular text. There’s only one thing I really don’t like: PrimePress makes link text smaller than other text. I fixed that by removing the “.entry-content” lines toward the end of the CSS.

Also in the CSS file was the specification of funny arrow bullets for certain list widgets (e.g., recent posts). I searched for “bullet” and found the lines to take out.

I don’t like the Subscribe box above the sidebars. I got rid of it by removing from sidebar.php the line that includes subscribe.php.

I wish that the header images could be managed from the WordPress Dashboard, rather than having to be managed as files. That might make PrimePress a stronger candidate for inclusion at

Anyway, thanks to Ravi Varma for designing PrimePress and making it available under the GPL. I can see from the PrimePress post at his blog that the theme has many other fans.

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