HootSuite Not Flying Right For Me Yet

HootSuite hoots that it is the professional Twitter client. It’s spreading its wings to allow the management, not only of multiple Twitter profiles, but also of profiles for multiple social media tools. Seeing that it has added WordPress.com to its list of such tools, I decided to give HootSuite a try.

So I got myself a HootSuite account, gave my Twitter name and password, and up popped my profile photo. I gave my WordPress.com name and password, and up popped someone else’s photo. I decided that if HootSuite gets me mixed up with someone else, then it might not be ready to have the password to this blog. After a further look at HootSuite, I found that it doesn’t have an Android app (although it does have an iPhone app).

I may use HootSuite as a Twitter client for a while. I may take a closer look at it as a social media dashboard when and if it comes out with an Android app.

Credit: photo of baby owl by Brian Scott.

4 thoughts on “HootSuite Not Flying Right For Me Yet”

  1. I’m surprised HootSuite support OAuth? I’m developing a desktop application for windows that has similar functionality but (obviously) runs off the desktop, and I’ll be implementing OAuth as an additional security feature.

  2. Thanks Andrew,
    It’s good to know their looking into it, and it should be up soon. I think all in all they were right to wait until all the bug/issues where sorted out.

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