WordPress Clients: Just the Factual

The recent release of the WordPress for Android app prompted me to look into how many WordPress clients there are. After checking the page at WordPress.com and the page at WordPress.org, and realizing that there are yet more clients than those pages list, I concluded that there are exactly… lots of WordPress clients.

If I’m not being accurate, I can at least be Factual. I mean Factual in the sense of the startup that facilitates creation of open database tables. An investor likens Factual to “Wikipedia for structured database-like information.” Erick Schonfeld at TechCrunch noted that there are “other efforts pursuing similar ambitions.”

Since I was thinking of putting together a table of WordPress clients at the time I read about Factual, I signed up for the service and used it to create the table there. Factual tables, like many other things on the web, can be embedded – but not here at WordPress.com.

So I’ll link to the WordPress Clients table. It’s open, so you can read it and, if you get yourself a Factual account, contribute to it.

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