Rhapsody Goes Solo

I used to use Rhapsody almost every day, considering the monthly fee reasonable for music stream it bought me. About a year and a half ago, Lala became my main music service, and has remained so ever since.

Rhapsody logoToday’s news from Rhapsody was almost enough to make me try the service again. Rhapsody is more independent, more mobile, and less expensive. To quote from Evelyn Rusli at TechCrunch:

The digital music service is spinning off from its parent companies, MTV/Viacom and RealNetworks. The newly independent company is called Rhapsody International. In honor of its new status, the company is also releasing an Android app and dropping its premier monthly subscription fee by a third to $9.99 a month, from $14.99.

“We are free to move forward and chart our own market course,” says Rhapsody’s President Jon Irwin.

Congratulations and all the best to Rhapsody as it goes solo. I would have tried the free 14-day trial of the service, but for the likelihood that it wouldn’t be free for me. Signup for the free trial requires a credit card. To me, that’s like saying: you won’t just pay if you like the service, you’ll pay if you’re forgetful enough that you won’t cancel in time to avoid a charge – and you are that forgetful.

That reminds me: maybe there should be a service that cancels a service on a specified date unless you cancel the cancellation. I see that the domain cancelr.com is available. That in turn reminds me of Blippr, a service so annoying that it rendered today’s Mashable post on Rhapsody almost unreadable to me.

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