MOG isn't for me, but Josh Ritter might be

MOG is prominent among the alternatives to Lala, which just shut down. I’m about halfway through the free 3-day trial of MOG All Access.

I don’t think that MOG is the service for me, for reasons including the following.

  • The album I first tried to listen to, Josh Ritter’s So Runs The World Away, isn’t available on MOG (with the exception of the very short opening track/overture).
  • Another album I wanted to listen to doesn’t even have a page at MOG. The album in question is Rogue’s Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Song And Chanteys. It didn’t exactly dominate the charts, but it’s not the most obscure of albums either, given some of the people who play on it, and its movie tie-in.
  • MOG seems more inclined to buffering interruptions than was Lala.
  • There isn’t an easy way to embed playlists at blogs and other sites (although there are FaceTwit buttons).
  • MOG doesn’t have an affiliate program (which reminds me, my links to music are affiliate links to Amazon).

In sum: MOG’s missing music, compared with Lala. The other objections are minor. I admit that all my objections are based on a short period of pseudo-research. I also admit that MOG is tremendous value for $5/month (currently). But I suspect that I can do even better, and so will keep on exploring music web services.

As for Josh Ritter, he has long been an artist who makes music I kind of like, but don’t really really like like. His new album might change that, which is why I want to give it a few more listens. I heard a recent NPR studio appearance while driving, and like the web version even more, featuring as it does a rather cool video.

I’ll look for Josh at the next music service I check out, which will probably be Rhapsody.

5 thoughts on “MOG isn't for me, but Josh Ritter might be”

  1. I have been trying to find alternatives to lala 🙁 But there are some substitutions:) It’s just a fill in, hopefully.

    So far, have tried Here you can create playlists free. I get my albums, but they are all mixed up & have to wait for the song to be played. They do have Josh Ritter & Rogue’s Gallery. Lala had so much more on sea shanties, etc…

    With bluebeat if the playlist isn’t played enough they can remove it. Unless you know the artist name, you have to search thru others playlist to find music. There is no social network.

    I like to hear songs from an album, besides the best played/seller radio feature. I listen to pandora for ideas for searches. They also limit the free listening.

    Besides there is only so much time you want to sign up and try these services.

  2. I also have been forced to look for alternatives to Lala, So far no luck.

    I do harbor a grudge with Apple. The iTunes credit is not enough to compensate. I will receive $9.00 for the 150+ songs I had on Lala. There is no way that will buy the same number of songs on iTunes.

    With regard to iTunes, I am a Linux user. There is no way for me to access iTunes. So as a result the $9.00 is worthless. When I complained about this I was basically told that they were sorry but only iTunes credits were available.

    Given that this was my first interaction with Apple it has left a bad taste in my mouth and will be my last interaction with Apple

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