WordPress Hosting: WP Engine and Page.ly

WordPress hosting: does the world need more options? Perhaps it does.

WP Engine seeks to serve what they believe is a large market: businesses that need more customizability than WordPress.com hosted accounts offer at low-end prices but more ease of use and scalability support than the millions of WordPress.org users get running open source installs on their own or rented servers.

For $50 a month, the service will offer premium support, automatic security upgrades, recommended plug-in curation and some original software. Scalability durring traffic spikes is one of the company’s biggest sales propositions.

I think that the WP Engine folks are on to something. Follow the above link, or see Marshall Kirkpatrick’s post at RWW, if you want to see who these folks are. As I write this, the comments on Marshall’s post are an amicable exchange between the WPE folks and their counterparts at Page.ly, who offer a similar service.

Page.ly seems to be a little further along than WPE, particularly with respect to partnerships. Page.ly has an affiliate program in place (yes, that is an affiliate link in the previous paragraph) and explicitly encourages resellers. But, without turning this post into an over-optimistic echo chamber, I think that there is room for multiple strong competitors in the premium WordPress hosting space, so all the best to WPE as it launches and invites.

10 thoughts on “WordPress Hosting: WP Engine and Page.ly”

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  2. Andrew –

    How did that first comment get past Akismet?

    Thanks for putting both WPE and Page.ly in the same article. You’ve managed to do something neither Mashable or RWW could pull off — an objective look at two players in this space.

    And I agree that having two players is a good thing. I suspect the founder of both page.ly and WPE do too.

    1. Jay,
      Thanks for stopping by. When I read the RWW post, it rang a bell, and your comment over there reminded me of Page.ly, and that I’d been meaning to find out more about it. In fact, I still do mean to do that, and might get round to doing a post comparing WPE, Page.ly, and one or two other services.

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  4. Hi Andrew,

    I wanted to reach out and say thank you for writing about Page.ly. We really appreciate it. If you ever have any questions, I’d be happy to answer them.

    Take care.

    1. Page.ly is $14.95 a month and that includes updates, backups, popular plugins, secure HA hosting, and a 2 minute set up to name a few. It’s less than $50 and our clients get more.

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