Jetpack: Like, But Without the Hosting

When new features are introduced into, some of the people with WordPress blogs hosted elsewhere ask when and how the features will be available to them. The new Jetpack plugin makes a bunch of features available for self-hosted blogs.

Jetpack has its own site,, and of course its own blog. In the blastoff post, Matt announced that some of the largest hosts have made Jetpack part of the WordPress install. There is coverage elsewhere (e.g., TechCrunch), but not as much I’d have expected.

Jetpack 1.1 (I’m not sure how it differs from 1.0) bundles eight features, including the shortcodes available at It will make it easier to migrate from .com to another WordPress host. The Intense Debate comment management system/plugin in not part of Jetpack 1.1. I’m not sure whether it will be included in a future release.

I’ll probably try out Jetpack next time I do some admin on one of my excessive number of self-hosted WordPress blogs.

2 thoughts on “Jetpack: Like, But Without the Hosting”

  1. Jennifer, it’s true that standalone plugins are available. But I think I’d rather install and update one plugin (Jetpack) than many.

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