Andrew Watson's Web Resume (Old)

I live in Bethesda, Maryland (hence in the Washington DC area). I am open to travel, but am not currently open to relocation. My abilities, activities and achievements include the following.

  • Content producer. Main channel is the blog Changing Way. Have guest-posted at ReadWriteWeb, one of the leading publications on social media.
  • Teacher. Adjunct Professor at Virginia Tech, teaching Strategy in the Evening MBA program, based in Falls Church, Virginia. Previously on faculty of the College of Business at Northeastern University in Boston. Work there included development and delivery of short courses such as “Blogging and Business” for MBA students. Also coordinated/managed the undergraduate capstone course “Strategy in Action.” While I was course coordinator, Northeastern was ranked 3rd nationwide for undergraduate strategy teaching by Business Week.
  • Researcher. Publications and presentations in top academic outlets (e.g., Strategic Management Journal, Academy of Management conference). Ph.D. in Strategic Management from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.
  • Product manager at Digital Equipment Corporation, Database Systems, based in Nashua NH. This was during my “first career” in IT, prior to taking a hiatus from industry for academia.
  • Other software industry experience includes: Senior Support Engineer at Digital’s European Technical Support Centre in Sophia Antipolis, France; Instructor in Digital’s UK Customer Training Center.

Writing samples, at Changing Way unless otherwise specified.

Other potentially relevant details.

  • Best means of contact is email: andrew at changingway dot org.
  • Citizenship: dual USA/UK.

14 thoughts on “Andrew Watson's Web Resume (Old)”

  1. Andrew – Got your LinkedIn e-mail today. I think I’ve filled the position that I posted about recently but I may pass you along to one of my colleagues who runs our team of community managers.

    Nice presentation of yourself via LinkedIn, your blog and your “about me” video on Flickr. Definitely an “A” for effort there.

    Let’s stay in touch. My e-mail is aaron AT mzinga dot com.


  2. Andrew-
    I am with Bain Capital Ventures, a Bosaton Based Venture Capital and Private Equity firm (althoI am very interested in speakign with you. I saw your article comparing various blogging platforms and wouldlove to talk to you both about your perspective on that space and possible opportunities within various porfolio companies of ours. Do you have some time to talk over the next few days? I can be reached at or 617 429 9783. thanks so much and I look forward to talking soon,


  3. Hey I know it might be useless now but I would like to suggest you against overuse of bullets in your resume. Its an entirely personal opinion and I hope you take it constructively. Hope it is of some little help to you.

  4. Thanks for the advice. The personal opinion of a person called “online resume” seems worth considering, and indeed I will consider it when I next update my resume.

  5. Excellent Website! I wondered if I could quote a site and use a handful of items for a school assignment. Please let me know through email whether that would be fine. Thanks

  6. Resume cashier: you may certainly quote this site, with proper attribution. In fact, anyone may do so.

    That attribution thing is particularly important for school assignments. Absence of attribution is plagiarism which, as you know, is a very bad thing.

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