Changing Blog

July 28, 2008

Blogging is changing, as it should. To use a ridiculously broad brush, blogging used to be at the center of Web 2.0. Now the term Web 2.0 has got rather worn round the edges, and we have social media.

Blogging is certainly a player in social media, but it’s not a young trendy player. The young trendy players are less about content, either because they emphasize connection (e.g., Facebook) or because they don’t allow room for much content (e.g., Twitter).

That said, the blogosphere is still rather crowded, especially in the Tech Town area. Looking at Tech Town, it seems to get particularly busy at two points in the week. Monday is usually a hectic day. Them at the end of the week, it’s tech review post time.

I think I’ll set up a stall between those two points. So, starting this week, Changing Way will feature a midweek review. But midweek I mean Wednesday, so don’t be surprised to see the review appear on Thursday, or even Tuesday.

I’m not sure what to call it. A combination of Hump Day and Panorama suggests Humporama, but I suspect that name is already in use at sites less family-friendly than this one.

Top level domains (TLDs) such as .com, .org, .uk, .tv, are currently governed by strict rules. Icann just voted to relax those rules. So, all over the world wide web, nerds, organizations, squatters, and others are making lists of the TLDs they’d like.

Forgetting for a moment that I can’t afford it, I would of course like the TLD .way, or at least the URI changing.way. And no.way. I’d give theresmorethanone.way to The Perl Foundation.

If I were a squatter, I’d be after .ono, and would attempt to extort money from Yoko and from B. But I will be a mere spectator as the TLD land grab gets under way. Under.way… now there’s another nicely-URI’d corner of my empire to be…

Two Remarkable Things

May 29, 2008

A platypus called Frankie just left a comment on this blog. I found this so remarkable that I broke my Twitter silence to tell my legions of followers about it.

As to the second remarkable thing, I’ll leave it to you to decide which of the following best qualifies.

  • The platy is called Frankie. That’s a very unusual name among duck-billed mammals.
  • An Australian (Frankie) complimented a pom (me).
  • Twitter was up.

I noticed that a got a trickle of traffic from a URI It turns out that I provide one of their “Headlines around the web” for Massachusetts.

Perhaps I should change the post title to “the headline heard around the web.” Or perhaps I should click on the banner ad, since this blog is certainly not a profitable business.

The folks at PhotoJojo coined the phrase long portrait, Mashable Stan hailed the long portrait as a use for Flickr video, and Heather Rasley commented about the long self-portrait.

That got me thinking about an About video, in lieu of, or as part of, a blog’s About page. So I made such a video. There’s about a minute of About video.

I’ve Been Heralded

April 10, 2008

That’s the Blog Herald, not the Boston Herald. Lorelle linked to my post on how Automattic is making money from In the same edition of WordPress Wednesday News, she links to dozens of other places as well, but she doesn’t describe all those other places as “interesting.”

Lorelle does mention the “issues on the support forums over the new Administration Panels interface.” But her emphasis falls on 2.5 features and security issues.

Hey, there are folders in Google Docs! There aren’t actually any folders in my Google Docs, since I haven’t created any. I think I can live without folders there, or in my Gmail. Tags and search seem to do the job pretty well. Having said that, as Gmail becomes my main email, I may see the case for folders there.

I think that folders or categories are useful for newcomers. That’s why there are seven fairly broad categories on this blog (plus Uncategorized). Those categories and their post counts in the sidebar should give a reasonable idea of the content here.