Spring Break Shirt Sale

There’s yet another sale at Threadless. Until March 12, most shirts are $10. The image shows my favorite of the designs released yesterday.

I sometimes think that there’s never a hurry to buy from there, because there will always be another sale soon. That’s why I don’t have a shirt with the design Star Men in Moon’s Milk. It sold out quickly, and in my size first.

Perplex City 2

I recently mentioned that procrastination kept me out of Perplex City. There are consolations. One is that I wasn’t alone in last place. 8958 others also had zero puzzle-solving points.

The other consolation is that the Season 2 just started. I ordered a few packs of them for my nephew in the UK, from Firebox.com (no, that’s not an affiliate link).

It took me a while to find the place on the Firebox home page where I could specify that I wanted to send the cards to a country other than the USA. Perhaps that should give me a clue that I’m not very good at puzzles. Nevertheless, I ordered a few packs for myself, with some previously-unspent Christmas money.

Children of the Radio

The city that hosted the Boston Tea Party has moved on to storms in teacups (or is tempests in teapots the American version?). A recent example comes from Cedric Maxwell, radio basketball analyst.

Here’s Dave Adams’ account, which he posted to the Universal Hub blog. One of the comments provides the following advice to critics of Maxwell. “If you don’t like it, DON’T WATCH!!!”

The best thing I can say for this comment is that it reminds me of the kid who stated a preference for radio over TV on the grounds that the pictures are better.

Post-Oscar Snow

Snowy FeatsThose who fall asleep during the Oscars shouldn’t be too harsh on them. Neither should they leave a pan of pasta boiling, unless they want to be woken by a smoke detector. But woken I was, and in time to see Martin Scorsese get his Oscar. Perhaps he should have come to Boston sooner.

Much to my daughter’s delight, soft snow came to Boston this morning. Perhaps that was bound to happen once Al Gore’s warning about global warming got its Oscar.

Since Maddie and her little brother came along, we don’t get out to the movies much. The 2006 movie to which I’m most looking forward is Pan’s Labyrinth. The pasta pan is expected to live, by the way.