Highrise, claimID, etc.

Chris Messina reported recently that some Highrise users attempting to use OpenID have hit problems. I’m sorry to hear that, while being glad to report that I’ve had no problems using the OpenID I have at claimID to access Highrise. Chris also reported that claimID has added social networking. My initial reaction was that there … Continue reading “Highrise, claimID, etc.”

GAPE at Google Apps

Today’s big web news is the release of Google Apps Premier Edition (GAPE?). The Google Apps entry page tells us: What it is, including Gmail, Calendar, Docs & Spreadsheets (but not yet Presentations), all hosted by Google How it’s packaged for different markets: small business, enterprise, education, family/group. Here are remarks from four “usual suspect” … Continue reading “GAPE at Google Apps”