Busy Saturday

We had a very busy day in Boston yesterday. We started at the Children’s Museum, taking advantage of our membership to enter not long after 9 (9-10 on weekend mornings are members only). As usual, we followed our museum visit with lunch at the Barking Crab, where the four of us were joined by a friend.

Then the five of us walked along the water to the ICA; or rather, four of us did, while the almost-two Max started his nap in the stroller. The awake among us particularly liked the Anish Kapoor exhibit. The photo shows “Past, Present, Future” the piece from which the exhibition takes its name.

Since it’s a huge quarter-sphere along which a moving wall scrapes red wax, it’s a particularly good example of why touching the artworks is very firmly forbidden. It’s just as well Max was asleep. Maddie, at four and a half quite the senior kid, liked many of the pieces, but managed to stop herself trying to touch any of them.

Then it was a walk along the section of the Harborwalk from the ICA to the North End for some much-needed refershment. Finally, back to our cars, expired meters, and parking tickets.